My response to Auto-Response


“I’m out of the office and can’t be contacted until…”

It’s August, so that means I get a lot more email replies that tell me the person I sent my email to is away from their desk and when they’ll be returning. I’m sorry but I just don’t get it. First of all, why tell me? If it was to do with something super-urgent, I wouldn’t be sending you an email, I’d be calling you. I’m not expecting an immediate response; in most cases I’m not expecting a response at all.

I totally understand wanting to be “unplugged”, but if you really want to have some time off and not be bothered by email, go ahead and do it. Set your computer to automatically delete all email that comes in while you’re away and send out an auto-response telling anyone who emails you what’s going on and who’s in charge while you’re off.

If you did that, you could spend your first couple of days back from holiday actually doing some work instead of “catching up” on out of date emails. Best of all, none of your work mates would have to listen to you bleating about how many emails you still have to “deal with”.

To me it feels like the people who set their computers up like this are on some kind of militant work to rule, “I only read work emails on that particular screen and only when I’m at that particular desk and only between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm but not during my lunch hour!”

Surely these days, the number of people that only read their email on their office PC at work must be as rare as people who only watch television programs on the one TV in the living room.

The ones I really don’t understand are the ones that tell me WHY they’re out of the office. I don’t care that you’re “at a conference”, “doing appraisals” or on “annual leave”, “leave”? When did you join the military?

If you want to leave a comment about this Craic, please do. I can’t promise I’ll read it right away but I can promise I won’t ignore it for two weeks then read it after I’ve complained to anyone that’ll listen about how many comments I have to read through.

Craic on!

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One Response to “My response to Auto-Response”

  1. I’ve taken six weeks off, set auto reply to say your email has been deleted, if important please resend after XX date. Liberating. No one complained.

    But, mostly I’m guilty of what you say. For shame on me!….

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