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In 1964, Jimmy Nicol replaced Ringo in The Beatles for a series of concerts. He was elevated from relative obscurity to worldwide fame and then back again in the space of a fortnight. Jimmy’s story proves that sometimes ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities are just that, but it doesn’t mean that if you blow it […]

The first time I played for Liverpool, over forty thousand spectators watched me miss two penalties in front of the Kop. That was 2003, it was a half-time penalty shoot-out for charity organized by the Liverpool fanzine ‘Red All Over The Land’. I’ve been a Liverpool fan for as long as I can remember. I’m […]

Panda Pop


When Tian Tian gives birth in Edinburgh Zoo, The People’s Republic of China will get a new panda. China owns all of the world’s pandas. They used to give them away as gifts in what was known as panda diplomacy. From 1958 to 1982, China gave 23 pandas to nine different countries. These days you […]

I read a great tweet this morning from @KateRobbins. It said “Cheryl Cole’s new body art shows she’s going through that awkward age ‘the Terrible Tattoos’”. I’m not sure why Cheryl decided to make her bum look like part of a Royal Doulton tea set but if she did it to be different, she’s made […]

There are not enough words. In 1972, the band ‘America’ had a hit with a song called “A Horse with No Name”. The song describes a horse ride through a desert. Not only does the horse not have a name but the descriptions of what’s in the desert are pretty vague as well, “there were […]

“Inappropriate places to break wind” was the phone-in topic on the Billy Butler show on BBC Radio Merseyside yesterday. As you can imagine, the callers were hilarious. We were listening as we drove to my cousin Victoria’s wedding. Victoria married her new husband Richard in the church where her mum and dad, my auntie Hazel […]

Hi-low Silver!


I once heard advertising defined as a way of suspending disbelief just long enough to sell you something. ‘The Loan Ranger’ starring Johnny Depp as Tonto is released in British Cinemas today. I’ve noticed that none of the posters say anything good about it. That’s right, none of the usual “Movie event of the year”, […]



I saw a convertible in the hard shoulder today. The driver had pulled over to put the roof up because it had just started to rain. It reminded me of when I got caught out once and a misunderstanding that got lost in translation. For my birthday a couple of years ago, we decided to […]

“A fool and his money are soon parted”. I thought about that phrase today when I opened another scam email. I’ve lost count of how many times that Nigerian Prince has promised me a share of his fortune, how many prize draws I’ve won that I don’t remember entering and I’m pretty sure it can’t […]

I have to be very careful what I say in this Craic because I don’t want it to look like I want the British monarchy to go. That’s because in 1841, parliament passed an act that makes the advocacy of republicanism illegal. So let me just say this; if we want to keep the monarchy […]

“I’m out of the office and can’t be contacted until…” It’s August, so that means I get a lot more email replies that tell me the person I sent my email to is away from their desk and when they’ll be returning. I’m sorry but I just don’t get it. First of all, why tell […]