Have you ever wondered why there are so many batteries?

I’m pretty sure when I was a kid there were only two sizes, the size that went in your torch and that big square industrial one. Your radio or any battery powered toy took four “torch” batteries and the big square industrial one was for big square industrial torches.

Now I’ve lost count of how many sizes of battery there are. They sound like bra sizes but there’s no logic to it. ‘Triple A’ is smaller than ‘double A’, ‘quadruple A’ is smaller again but there’s no such thing as size ‘A’!

Apart from watch batteries, there should only be two sizes, ‘Double A’ for TV remotes and penlight torches, ‘D’ for everything else.

When the batteries in my TV remote went flat, I went to the kitchen drawer where we kept the batteries and grabbed a pair of ‘double A’s but when I opened up the remote, I discovered they’re ‘triple A’ not ‘double A’, why? The difference in size can’t be much more than two millimeters in diameter. Really? There wasn’t room in the design of the remote for an extra two millimeters in the battery compartment? What could they possibly need that extra two millimeters for?  I had to go out and but a packet of ‘triple A’ batteries. I needed two and sure enough they are sold in packs of four. Not to worry, I’ve got a couple of spares for next time. Unlike those still unused ‘double A’s. By the time something actually needs them; they will have gone flat in the drawer.

Why do we even have separate batteries you have to buy? When I plug my phone or tablet in, it charges up the built-in battery. Why aren’t radios made that way, and TV remotes? How about a docking station on your telly where you put the remote when you’re not using it, that charges it up?

The whole system is designed to make you buy batteries you don’t need. I have a radio in the bathroom that takes six size ‘D’. They needed replacing so I told Julie to get some next time she’s in the supermarket.  She came home with a packet of eight size ‘C’ batteries by mistake. When I put that packet of eight size ‘C’ in the “battery drawer” in the kitchen, I noticed two other unopened packets of eight size ‘C’. I’ve been around the house and checked, we do not have a SINGLE device that uses size ‘C’ batteries but because of the way batteries are sized and sold, we keep buying them in bulk! I’m pretty sure that’s why batteries now have “use by” dates. That’s so you’ll see they’ve expired in the drawer and buy some more to replace them!

Craic on!

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