Who’s Who?


Matt Smith is quitting Doctor Who after four years. Has it been four years? It feels like he’s only just started. He must have some kind of time machine!

I’ve felt like a time traveler myself many times. I left the UK in 1983 and lived in Australia and New Zealand until 1997. When you’re away you don’t think anything is changing back home but a lot changed. 1997 Britain was very different to 1983 Britain. The ten and fifty pence piece had shrunk, the pound note had gone and you needed TWO pound coins to buy a pint of beer. TV personalities had aged, footballers had become managers and McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Hut was everywhere. The future was very different to the past I’d left behind.

I wonder, as I’ve worked in the northern and southern hemispheres. Can I call them my north career and my south career? Just a thought, now back to my time travel adventures…

This week I traveled back in time twice. The first time I realized this had happened was when I was in my doctor’s waiting room. I could tell I was in the past because of the magazines in there. I’m not sure any of them were from the century I live in. At first I wanted to pick one up and read how no one’s ever going to run a mile in under four minutes, climb Everest or walk on the moon but then I suddenly realize that these magazines are read by sick people! If this really is the past, I might catch something that they don’t have a cure for yet like smallpox, polio or the plague.

I also found myself in the past when I stopped at Sutton Scottney services on the A34 yesterday. There were no McDonalds, Burger King or any other “American” fast food places there.  I’m not exactly sure what year I’d been transported back to but when I asked where the ATM was and the shop assistant didn’t seen to understand what I was talking about, I knew I must be in the 70s. Unfortunately, after I’d had something to eat at the ‘Little Chef’, I found myself back in the present just in time to pay the 2013 price.

No one has signed up to replace Matt Smith as The Doctor yet. Look no further, I’m your man, I’ve had plenty of experience as a Time Lord.

Craic on!

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