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Did anyone ask the coach drivers? I stopped at a motorway services the other day and noticed in the Food Hall that after you’ve got your fast food, you have to sit in an open-plan cafeteria on hard wooden seats at cheap tables listening to screaming kids and the sound chair legs make when they’re […]

Radio Control


iTunes Radio is coming. I wonder if Siri is doing the phone-in show. Don’t expect any strong opinions or debate from Siri. If someone calls up and says “All politicians are crooks”, Siri is just going to say, “I don’t understand ‘All politicians are crooks’. But I could search the web for it.” My point […]

Who’s Who?


Matt Smith is quitting Doctor Who after four years. Has it been four years? It feels like he’s only just started. He must have some kind of time machine! I’ve felt like a time traveler myself many times. I left the UK in 1983 and lived in Australia and New Zealand until 1997. When you’re […]