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Euro Visionary

FIFA can learn a lot from the Eurovision Song Contest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of Eurovision, the whole idea seams a bit silly to me. It doesn’t help that the music’s rubbish, the costumes are silly and it goes on way too long, but the thing I really like about it is how the ultimate prize for the winning country is that they get to host the next one.

We should do that with the World Cup. Right now if your country wants to host the World Cup, you have to spend millions on your bid and bribe the right people. It’s a complete waste of money for the losing bidders and given that the hosts get automatic qualification, a bit daft as well. The financial rewards for the host country are obvious so instead of corruption, skullduggery and ‘favors’, how about using FOOTBALL to decide? The winners of the World Cup should be the next hosts four years later.

If the winners got to host, all of that money wasted on losing bids could be ploughed into the game instead. To host the world’s biggest single sporting event, you’d have to make sure your national side was eventually the best in the world. That would mean sustained investment at a grass routes level. As the standard of our home grown players went up, fewer foreign players would have to be brought in. The world champions will also get the home advantage meaning the team that beats them in the final really would be the undisputed champions of the world. Imagine how much more support there’d be for England if winning the World Cup meant you’d get to see World Cup football played at football grounds in England four years later!

We wouldn’t need a ‘bid team’ to travel the world sucking up to old men in suits. Lord Triesman, Lord Coe and Prince William could stay at home. Terry Leahy, the chief executive of Tesco, could concentrate on making sure that ‘every little helps’, Karen Brady could focus on The Apprentice and we’d see a lot less of has-been Manchester United players like David Beckham and Bobby “two together anywhere in the ground” Charlton.

Of course the ‘Eurovision Solution’ will only work if they leave the singing and the costumes to the fans!

Craic on!

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