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Mack’s Craic


Dimmer switches annoy me. They’re a device that stops lights from working properly. Nowadays lights are all compact fluorescents so they don’t work as well as real light bulbs anyway. Why would you dim something that’s already dim? My car has a dimmer switch on the dashboard light! I have never been dazzled by my […]

Mack’s Craic


Why can’t people leave things alone? When something is working perfectly well, there are always people determined to mess with it. You used to be able to get a simple sandwich in this country but not now. There was a time when if you ordered a ham, chicken, cheese or tuna sandwich, that’s what you […]

Mack’s Craic


What is the point of yellow cars? The papers made a big deal recently about Tom Cruise’ son Connor arriving at a fashion party in Los Angeles in a brand new yellow Lamborghini. They made more of the fact that it was a Lamborghini than it was a YELLOW Lamborghini. If you can afford to […]