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My second week at BBC Radio Shropshire started with snow, lots of it. There was so much snow that more than fifty schools were closed in the county. The schools were shut for “safety reasons”. Now it’s vital that we look after kids while they’re at school but what are these “safety reasons” exactly? In the eleven years I spent at school, they never closed the school for snow or ice, not once. In fact I can remember being forced out onto a frozen pitch to play football many times and first thing in the morning too. I never felt properly warm for the rest of the day. I can remember at the age of five leaving footprints in deep snow as I walked across the playground to the outside toilet block. I’ve asked for examples of specific safety incidents that have occurred at the schools that took the risk and stayed dangerously open on snow days. I was told about a child who fell over and a story about two cars skidding and “nearly” hitting each other. I have to say; yes those are two potentially dangerous things but honestly, can’t you reduce the risk without closing the whole school?

Before the snow melted, the Environment Agency advised us all to build snowmen. Roy Stokes, a spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “Ideally if everybody built themselves a snowman it will slow the thaw down a bit”. Nice going Roy, next time someone’s home is flooded because the Environment Agency’s flood defenses failed, are you going to tell them it’s because they didn’t build enough snowmen?

Trains were delayed and canceled in the bad weather, so this week the government announced that Britain will be getting a new high speed rail service. No news yet on when the current slow speed service will run properly, cope with leaves on the line, or actually have enough seats. They say the new high speed train will be up and running by the year 2026. – Won’t we all have flying cars by then?

Daniel Day-Lewis has won “best actor” at the Golden Globes for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. I watched the film on Saturday and it is an amazing performance. Mind you, I’m pretty sure the young people in front of me at the cinema that walked out about half an hour into “Lincoln” were disappointed that he hadn’t hunted a single vampire.

The main thing I learned this week is that no matter how carefully you try to open the car door when it’s got snow on it, some always falls on the front seat. – They’ve closed schools for less!

Craic on!

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