Mack’s Craic

Time of my Life

Time of my Life

I am going to slow down time itself.

As we get older, time feels as though it’s speeding up. When I was a kid, a week was a VERY long time. Now I can hardly believe that another year has flown by. I used to think that it was just a symptom of getting older and there was nothing I could do about it but now I’m convinced that time warping can happen at any age.

Whenever I start a new job, my first day always seems to last longer than any other day I work there. The end of that first week feels as though it will never arrive. After I’ve worked there a while, weeks, months and years start to fly by. Even as I get older, every time I start a new job time slows down, so it’s got nothing to do with age. It’s because I’m doing something new, I’m experiencing and learning new things and ways to do things for the very first time. The reason time goes slower when you’re a kid is because every day you’re having brand new experiences.

The opposite is definitely true, if we repeat an experience, it goes quicker. The second time you watch a favorite film, you’d swear they must have shortened it. Have you noticed how the second week of a fortnight’s holiday goes quicker than the first? To slow down time, all you need to do is lots of stuff you’ve never done before.

On June 10th this year I will be 49 years old. I want to put off getting to 50 for as long as I can. If I do lots of new things I’ve never done before between June 10th 2013 and June 10th 2014, the last year of my forties should last longer. My goal is to do fifty new things in one year, “50 before 50”.

Please let me know what new things I should do. They might be things you’ve done and enjoyed, things that have excited or scared you or might involve me learning a new skill. You can add your suggestion in the ‘comments’ section or email me

Craic on!

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