Mack’s Craic



A picture is worth a thousand words.

I got a new Smartphone as an early Christmas present so I’ve been wasting plenty of time playing with as many of its features as I can work out. One of the more basic things is the ability to put pictures with people’s phone numbers in my contacts list. I’d never bothered doing this until now, but I’ve had fun with it and thought I’d share.

I decided not to take any new pictures and to source all of them from the internet. A lot of the people in my contacts list work on the radio, so they were quite easy to find. After putting their name into Google Images I was spoilt for choice with a selection of cheesy publicity shots from radio stations where they used to work. You know the kind of thing I mean, headphones around their neck, bad hair cut and radio station tee shirt. Even some of the more recent pictures were just as embarrassing. Why is it that when radio presenters pose for photographs they stare wide-eyed and open mouthed at the camera as if someone has unexpectedly decided to take their rectal temperature at that very moment?

With my on-air radio friends each given the worst photo of them I could find, I moved on to people I’ve worked with who aren’t on the air. There aren’t any pictures of them on the net so I had to improvise. A station engineer who looks like Leonard Rossiter now has a picture of Rigsby next to his name, ‘Beaker’ from the Muppet Show is on my list and so is ‘Lurch’ from the Addams family. My ex-bosses now include ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Rodney Bewes’ (‘Bob’  from The Likely Lads) and Hannibal Lecter.

I wish I could say I’d got creative with some of the more random people on my list but have to admit that there’s a picture of a beach next to a bloke who’s last name is ‘Beech’, a bear next to ‘Ted’ and for a bloke whose last name is ‘Bean’ there is a picture of Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Mr Bean’.

Family where tricky, there’s no pictures of them on the net either. I went with a silhouette I found that is the same shape as my sister, one of my aunties is represented by ‘Florence’ from the Magic Roundabout because I always thought there was a likeness and then I struck gold with my parents. I found an old black and white picture of the former Liverpool manager Bob Paisley and his wife Jessie. They look EXACTLY like my parents!

The best thing is that now when one of the people on my list calls me, the picture I’ve given them pops up on my phone. That makes me smile when I answer and then it sounds to them like I’m glad they called. Even if it’s Hannibal Lecter.

Crack on!

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