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Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

We’re going around the world in twenty-five days, one day for every year we’ve been married. 

Day 21 Kona and Honolulu

We haven’t seen a single pineapple the whole time we’ve been in Hawaii. That’s strange because if you stick pineapple on any food it suddenly becomes “Hawaiian”. We checked out the local supermarket on our way to the airport. In the freezer section, I noticed they didn’t even have frozen Hawaiian pizza; they were all called “Californian”.

The weather was perfect for our flight from Kona on the Big Island to Honolulu on the Island of Oahu. On the way we got to see most of the other Hawaiian Islands from the air. They wouldn’t be there at all if it wasn’t for volcanic activity. A hot spot in the earth’s mantle forces molten magma up through the earth’s crust. The tectonic plates have moved slowly north and as they did, each island was formed. The hot spot is underneath The Big Island now, which is why it still has a volcano spewing lava into the sea and continues the island building process.

Day 22 Honolulu and Los Angeles

This trip to Honolulu is just a stop-over. We got to our hotel late in the afternoon and left early the next morning for the airport.

It takes just over five hours to fly from Honolulu to L.A. On other flights we’ve had loads of movies to choose from that play on your own little screen. You can change channels and even pause if you want to, but this plane is ‘old school’. We all have to watch the same movie on a tiny screen that flips down from above. I decided not to bother with the film because like most flights in the USA, it has one of my favorite things in the seat pocket, the “Sky Mall” brochure.

“Sky Mall” is a mail-order catalogue of things that you would only think were a good idea to buy if you were severely jetlagged. In this issue there are classics which include an indoor toilet for dogs in the shape of a fire hydrant, a wine glass that holds an entire bottle of wine and a table lamp that looks like a lady’s leg wearing a fishnet stocking. The shade is her skirt and you put your hand up her skirt to turn her on.

Eventually, we arrived in Los Angeles, a city where anything can happen. On the road from the airport we saw hookers, witnessed a car crash and at a set of traffic lights watched a bloke who was about to cross the road get grabbed and handcuffed by the police. California dreaming is becoming a reality.

The phone in the hotel room has something I’ve never seen before. As well as special buttons you push marked “Front desk”, “Car rental” and “Wake up call”, there’s a button that says “Pizza delivery”. I’m tempted to order a “Hawaiian”.

There’s a Craic around the world!

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