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Sky Sports

Sky Sports

Day 14 & 15, Auckland

The skyline of Auckland is dominated by the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere, the 328 metre (1,076 ft) tall Sky Tower. The crazy thing is, you can bungee jump off it! People pay over $200 (£100) a time to fall at fifty miles an hour for 192 adrenalin packed metres.

I have to say that the look of the Sky Tower doesn’t impress me much. Its unpainted concrete makes it look unfinished to me. It’s got an eastern European look to it and I can’t decide if the bulge near the top makes it look more like a radish or a python that’s swallowed a pig.

Despite the way it looks from the ground, the view from the top is stunning! We’ve been to the top of a lot of these towers around the world and I have to say the experience you get from the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower is one of the best.

We decided that we’d have our anniversary dinner at the Orbit restaurant at the top of the Sky Tower. We got there just as the sun was going down and had the best food we’ve had in New Zealand so far.

It had been a big day, that morning; we’d said an emotional goodbye to Julie’s parents at Whangarei airport before we boarded a tiny plane for the twenty minute flight to Auckland International. We don’t know when we’ll see them again.  

The next day, we sat in with Mike and Dom on the Breakfast Show on a radio station called The Edge. I keep bumping into Dom and his wife Jay-Jay (who’s usually on the show but this morning had been sent to Melbourne it interview Pink) at radio conventions in the USA. This was the first time we’d caught up in New Zealand. Auckland has the most competitive radio market in the world. It’s 1.4 million residents have a choice of fifty-two stations. Competition is fierce and you could feel the tension in the air today because today was ratings day. It didn’t stop the fun though and Mike still gave Dom a hard time about his book that was released this week call “Bucket List of an Idiot”.

We leave New Zealand for Hawaii tomorrow. I’ll make sure I pick up a copy of Dom’s book to read on the plane. I wonder if bungee jumping off the Sky Tower was on his list?

There’s a Craic around the world!

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One Response to “Mack’s Craic”

  1. 1 Adrian and Marlene Frances

    Hi Graham and Julie, Congratulations on your 25th the location of the church and the area around it looks wonderful.
    We are in our 41st year and all I will say is enjoy every moment of your lives together.
    Bad and Good news to report;
    The little 5 yr old girl is still missing, and believed dead.
    Abu Hamza is leaving for the U.S. as I write.
    Best wishes Ade and Marlene.

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