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We’re going around the world in twenty-five days, one day for every year we’ve been married. Julie and I got married in New Zealand on 3rd October 1987.

Day 7 Sydney:

The great thing for us is that Sydney is so familiar. It feels a bit like ‘Back to the Future’ though. It’s like we’ve gone back to 1997, when we last lived here, but someone has messed with the space time continuum and it’s not exactly the same as it was. There’s a new tram system, massive new buildings, and a huge Casino complex. Watching the TV is a weird experience too, the presenters are all familiar, their voices are the same but their faces are older.

The only downside to a trip to Australia right now is that the economy is booming. An Australian dollar is worth 64p, that’s about twice what it used to be. The economy is doing so well that the Aussie dollar is now worth more than the US dollar. That means your money doesn’t go as far as it used to.

With that in mind we headed for the bargain capital of Sydney, Paddy’s Market. We weren’t disappointed, things are a lot cheaper there. I’m not saying they sell cheap knock-offs but when you see designer watches for $10 (£6.40), and English football shirts (Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal etc) for only $25 (£16) you do have to wonder.

If you designed the perfect city from scratch, you’d probably go for a mixture of historic and modern buildings, put a big tower in the middle and have an iconic waterfront. You’d surround it with beaches, fill it with restaurants serving some of the best seafood in the world and place it somewhere that gets more than 340 sunny days a year. I can’t even imagine a city more perfect than Sydney.

I just turned the TV on in our hotel room. Not all Australian TV presenters look much older. Shane Warne looks ten years younger than he did in 1997 but not in a good way. His hair weave and fake face look as though he got them at Paddy’s Market.

Tomorrow, back to New Zealand.

There’s a Craic around the world!

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