Mack’s Craic

Keeping the dream alive.

Keeping the dream alive.

We’re going around the world in twenty-five days, one day for every year we’ve been married. Julie and I got married in New Zealand on 3rd October 1987.

Day 6 Sydney:

I’d almost forgotten what a truly great city Sydney is. Julie and I have moved around a lot for work but Sydney is the only place we’ve moved to just because we liked it.

We first visited Sydney in 1990 when we lived in New Zealand. We went for a week’s holiday, liked it so much that as soon as we got back to New Zealand we put our house on the market and within weeks, flew back to live. We had no friends or relatives in Sydney, it was just us, young and in love and on a great adventure. We rented a flat on the NorthShore and found jobs quickly. Julie worked in a photo developing shop in The Queen Victoria Building and as I was an air-conditioning engineer, I worked for a contractor doing service and repair work all over the city, from Hornsby in the north to Cronulla in the South, out west to Blacktown and in the high rise big buildings in the central business district. Today, I walked past some of the buildings I used to work in.

I remember driving from job to job on my own. My only company was the radio in the van. That’s where I got the idea to switch from cold air to hot air. The bloke I listened to the most was a legendary talk show host on 2UE called John Laws.

We only left Sydney so I could work on the radio. I got my first professional radio job in 1993 at 2PK Parkes, five hours drive west. I presented the 2pm to 7pm show. The presenter on before me (9am to 2pm) was Di Coveny. Julie and I got on really well with Di but we lost touch after we left Parkes in 1994 and moved to Mount Gambier in South Australia. I’d got a job as the breakfast presenter on 5SE.

A couple of months ago I found out that John Laws had come out of retirement and was back on the air at Sydney’s 2SM, so I listened online. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice reading the news on John’s show, it was Di (now Coveny-Garland).

After re-connecting by email, we arranged to meet today. We had a really nice lunch and laughed a lot about our days at 2PK and some of the crazy things we all got up to in Parkes.

Di gave us a tour of 2SM and arranged for us to meet John Laws. I told him he’d been an inspiration and I used to listen to him when I was an air-conditioning engineer. He said, “Have you still got your air-conditioning ticket?” When I said yes he said, “Can you fix the air-conditioning in this place? Wherever I work the air-conditioning is dreadful, always has been!”

So, I finally got to meet John Laws, but it sounds like I could have met him years ago… as long as I brought my tools with me.

There’s a Craic around the world!

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