Mack’s Craic

Do these rhyme with "John" or "Joan"?

Do these rhyme with “John” or “Joan”?

Scone, how do you say it? Is it “sconn” or “scohwne”? I always thought the word was “sconn” and the posh way to say it was “scohwne”. Now I’m wondering if the word could be “schowne” and the posh way to say it is “sconn”, you know, like when posh people call a room, a “rum”. Now, no matter which way you say it, I’m going to think you’re trying to sound posh.

The way you say things is what people base their opinions of you on. The “Grill Team” who presents the breakfast show on Triple M radio in Sydney Australia have taken advantage of this. Matty, Gus and Mark have changed the name of their local pub to “The Gym”. Now they tell their other halves, “I’m just off to The Gym”.

My Dad was well ahead of the curve on this. His local was a pub was called The Chapel House. He always used to say, “I’m just off to the Chapel”. Our neighbors must have thought he was deeply religious or sang in the choir.

Weren’t the Olympics brilliant? I never thought I’d be interested in so many different sports. One that really caught me out was BMX. I’m not sure why I liked it so much. Maybe it’s because when they flew through the air it reminded me of ET or it could be because I used to have a paper round.

Now that the Olympics have finished, we can look forward to the football season. I’m hoping to get to watch Liverpool at Anfield as much as I can. There have been a lot of changes since last season, even the kit is different. For the first time, they’ve gone with an American company who make the shirts from a brand new material that’s made from coffee grounds (true). I suppose when the players get tired, the shirts will still be wide awake.

My favorite news story from last week comes from America. The country singer Randy Travis crashed his Pontiac in Texas. He was drunk, naked and waved a gun at the police. – If he manages to get that all into a song, he could be the new Johnny Cash!

I’ll finish with an old poem; I don’t know who wrote it.

I asked the maid in dulcet tone                                                                                                To order me a buttered scone                                                                                                  The silly girl has been and gone                                                                                           And ordered me a buttered scone.

Craic on!

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