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Five Ring Circus

What did you make of the Olympic opening ceremony? In the run up to the event I was invited to speak on radio stations across the United States. I know this week they’ll want me back on to explain what it was all about.

That’s going to be tricky. I’ll have to explain that Kenneth Branagh wasn’t dressed as Abraham Lincoln, the Mike Oldfield bit had nothing to do with ‘The Exorcist’ and NHS isn’t an ice hockey league.

I bet they’re wondering why we booked a tribute act called “The Arctic Monkeys” who were nothing like Mike, Peter, Mickey and Davey.

To be honest, after all of the freaky monsters, the giant creepy baby and hundreds of dancing nurses paying tribute to the NHS by wearing 1930’s uniforms that pre-date the formation of the National Health Service itself, it reverted back to the standard Olympic opening ceremony stuff.

We were reminded that it isn’t a small world after all, when it took over an hour to introduce the athletes from each country. As usual the teams were dressed as flight attendants for their respective national carriers, except for Team USA who confused everyone by wearing Air France uniforms and Team GB who were wearing unused costumes, originally designed for an invading army of extra terrestrials from a cancelled episode of ‘The Tomorrow People’.

However it comes across, I know I’ll have fun talking to the Americans again. The first thing I’m going to have to do is convince them that the Red Arrows are not a display team from Communist China.

Craic on!

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