Macks’ Craic

Dad with his "Hillman"

Dad with his “Hillman”

So it’s all change at Barclays. They’re looking for Bob Diamond’s replacement. When they get rid of staff at my local bank, they replace them with a “next window please” sign.

Change is the only constant, but are we keeping up? I watched a great American comedian called Dom Irrera a couple of weeks ago. He said a friend of his describes themselves as “Persian”. He said he doesn’t understand that because Persia has been known as Iran since 1935.

Why can’t we accept change? Dads are the ones who have the hardest time keeping up. In the 70s my Dad had a Chrysler Avenger that he always described as a ‘Hillman’ Avenger, our local paper shop changed owners twice but he always called it ‘Thornleighs’ and he still refers to the Job Center as the “Labor Exchange”.

I don’t have a problem with Marathon becoming ‘Snickers’, Datsun being ‘Nissan’ or having to call Kentucky Fried Chicken by it’s initials, but come on, Jif was a better name than “Cif”!

My real problem is with football terminology. I still call the Community Shield the “Charity Shield”, the European Champions League the “European Cup” and the assistant referee is still a “linesman” to me. It’s funny all of those things changed in football but they’ve only just approved goal line technology. Scientists decoded the human genome, declassified Pluto and found the Higgs Boson while we were waiting for that to happen.

I’ve just checked and there’s a “BBC Persia”. I wonder if there’s a there a BBC Siam, BBC Abyssinia, and a BBC Mesopotamia?

Now there’s talk of Barclays changing their name because of all of the bad publicity. It won’t make any difference to my dad. 

Craic on!

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