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It’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and it poured down just like it did for the Silver Jubilee in 1977 and the Coronation in 1953. It’s a British thing; we celebrate the rain of Queen Elizabeth.

Britain really is an amazing country. We might be in the grip of a double-dip recession but we can still afford to have a party and the sight of the back of an eighty-six year old woman’s white gloved hand waving from a gold clad boat makes everyone’s problems disappear. That’s the power of the monarchy.

It was a busy weekend for the Queen. First she went to the Derby. She loves horse racing but never seems to go to the Grand National. I think she prefers the Derby but I don’t want to accuse her of race discrimination.

The next day, the Queen knew traffic in London was going to be a nightmare so she decided to travel by boat. They didn’t call it a boat though, it’s “The Royal Barge”. Until now, the “Royal Barge” was what you got if you found yourself between the Queen and the paying-out window at the Tote at Epsom.

All over the country people had street parties and the Queen was no exception even though she lives on a busy street in Central London. Luckily she managed to persuade the powers-that-be to allow her to close the road.

Although it cost a lot to put on, it’s estimated the Diamond Jubilee will make millions of pounds. Unfortunately most of that money will be going to China because that’s where the plastic union jacks and Jubilee memorabilia are made.

It’s funny, we didn’t make this much fuss for the Golden Jubilee ten years ago. I hate to say this but could we be making a big deal about this one because we’re not sure she’ll be around to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee? Never mind, it’ll probably rain anyway.

Craic on!

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