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Bob A Job

Bob A Job

Vidal Sassoon’s death this week reminds me of the lady who asked her hairdresser for a ‘bob’ haircut. When he’d finished she was furious and said, “This is NOTHING like a bob!” And the hairdresser said, “Yes it is, and I should know, I’ve got every one of the Wailers albums!”

It was a classic case of misunderstanding. Oscar Wilde said “When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.”

I am usually misunderstood by people I work for. I used to work at a radio station that was on the fourth floor of an office building. To get some exercise I used to use the stairs instead of the lift. One day the boss said to me, “Why don’t you do something on the air about your fear of lifts?”

My first radio boss once asked me why I’d never learned to drive. The truth is I’d passed my test three weeks and six days after my seventeenth birthday. The reason he’d never seen me behind the wheel was because the pay was so poor at that radio station I couldn’t afford to run a car so walked everywhere.

My favorite story of misunderstanding also comes from radio but in this case it was the listeners who made the wrong assumption. The newsreader on an Australian station went into the small windowless news booth and began reading the top of hour bulletin live on the air. About halfway through, the single light bulb in the booth blew and she was left in total darkness unable to read her script. She stopped mid sentence and said, “I can’t see”. The radio station’s switchboard was then jammed with calls from distraught listeners who thought she’d gone blind.

Craic on!

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