Expecting me?


I witnessed an amazing coincidence last night. I went to the Arts Centre in Swindon to watch the Blues guitar player Buddy Whittington.  I sat down and noticed a plaque on the seat in front that said “BBC Radio Swindon 103.6, HOT SEAT”. Julie had bought the tickets online weeks ago so there’s no way anyone could have known.

The most amazing coincidence I ever experienced was a few years ago when I did the Breakfast Show on a radio station on the South Coast. “Paul The Teacher” used to listen to me online from his home in Birmingham. Some mornings he’d call into the show and we’d often put him on the air. One morning we broadcast the program from the opening of a new local car dealer. Just before we were due to go on the air, one of the salesmen said, “There’s a Paul The Teacher on the phone for you”. I took the call and said to Paul, “I know we’re at the car dealership this morning but the way the technology works, to go on the radio you still have to call the radio station number and be put through the equipment there”. Paul was confused and explained he hadn’t turned his computer on yet and didn’t even know the show was coming from a car dealer’s that morning.

Here’s what had happened; the radio station’s phone number was 234000. The car dealer’s brand new phone number was 243000. Paul had accidentally miss-dialed.

What are the chances of him trying to call me, dialing the wrong number and me being at the address of that wrong number at that time?

Craic on!

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