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Mack’s Craic


Why do we keep hearing the phrase “The Olympic Torch”, as if there’s only one? Yesterday I was watching the news and heard them say “The Olympic Torch is making its way around Britain”.  It’s not, the Olympic flame is making it’s way around Britain and so is the torch relay but there are hundreds […]

Mack’s Craic


Vidal Sassoon’s death this week reminds me of the lady who asked her hairdresser for a ‘bob’ haircut. When he’d finished she was furious and said, “This is NOTHING like a bob!” And the hairdresser said, “Yes it is, and I should know, I’ve got every one of the Wailers albums!” It was a classic […]


Spooky I witnessed an amazing coincidence last night. I went to the Arts Centre in Swindon to watch the Blues guitar player Buddy Whittington.  I sat down and noticed a plaque on the seat in front that said “BBC Radio Swindon 103.6, HOT SEAT”. Julie had bought the tickets online weeks ago so there’s no […]