Mack’s Craic


By George!

Everything you need to know about St George

St George is the patron saint of England. St George’sDay is celebrated every year in England on the 23rd April.

Who was St George? As far as I can tell he was a Turk. I find that odd because “George” doesn’t sound like a very Turkish name to me. Anyhow, he joined the Roman army and must have stood out like a sore thumb dressed in a white tunic with a giant red cross on the front.

He’s famous of course because he slayed a dragon to impress a girl. Dragons are now extinct which means back then they must have been an endangered species. If it wasn’t for St George and the likes of him, maybe there’d still be some dragons left in the wild today.

This all happened in Libya. St George was a Christian and said it was his faith that helped him kill the dragon. The girl was really happy because she was about to be eaten by the dragon. She was also a princess so St George was now well in with the king. The king was so impressed; he got baptized as a Christian. Then all of the people in the land became Christians. I’m not sure what happened after that but the Christian church must have done something wrong because today the overwhelming majority of Libyans are Sunni Muslims.

We think of St George as the patron saint of England but he’s also the patron saint of syphilis. Maybe he wasn’t the only Roman soldier the princess had been with.

The reason we celebrate St George’sDay on the 23rd April is because it’s the day St George was beheaded. I suppose it just wasn’t St George’s Day.

Craic on!

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