Mack’s Craic


An adverts reaction.

I went to the One-Act Play Festival in Swindon the other night. Twelve plays were competing against each other for awards. I have to admit, I was a bit out of my depth. Besides panto, I haven’t been to a lot of live theatre. When the lady took my ticket, she said, “Who are you supporting?” It was a reflex action I know, but I just blurted out, “Liverpool”.

Talking of Liverpool, did you see the semi-final of the FA Cup against Everton? Howard Webb was the referee. With him in charge, I’m still surprised Manchester United didn’t win the game!

I still can’t believe how expensive petrol and diesel is. The thing is, new cars are more fuel efficient than ever so we’re buying less. Are the oil companies just making sure we don’t win?

Some people are calling for restrictions on fast food advertising. Does anyone actually believe it’s the adverts that are fattening? It looks like the blame is being shifted further and further away from it’s source, the people who eat the food. For a while it was the food that was to blame, now it’s the advertising. Soon it’ll be the radios, televisions and websites that carry the advertising. What next, the electricity that runs them? Look, if you have an unhealthy diet, that’s YOUR fault. Admit it, no one is being force fed. Maybe we should ban stupid people from looking at adverts. Honestly, is there anyone that doesn’t know that too much unhealthy food is bad for you? Where will this end, banks hurt people, should we ban advertising for banks? What about insurance companies who miss-sold? Cars kill millions of people, should we ban car adverts? I think it’s all because we were all brought up on guilt. The best way to remove guilt is to shift responsibility. Unfortunately that only treats the symptom (the guilt) not the cause. The good news is if you admit to yourself that most of the things going wrong in your life are your own fault, then you can suddenly take control. Once you understand you have the power to destroy, you’ll realize you also have the power to create. And remember, being overweight is caused by an over-active fork.

The One-Act Play festival turned out to be very interesting. The winner was a play adapted from a work by Chekhov. Nothing from Mr Sulu though.

Craic on!

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