Mack’s Craic

Fuel if you think it's over

Fuel if you think it's over

Perception is reality and our behavior is a reaction to it.

One perception is that Britain’s economy is in recession, it’s not. A recession is two quarters of negative growth. The last time that happened in the UK was the second and third quarters of 2009. That’s right, THREE YEARS AGO. But that hasn’t stopped the news media using the word “recession” every day since. Occasionally if someone points to the “two quarters of negative growth” rule that defines a recession, someone will say, “That’s a technical recession”. So now they are admitting there are two types of recession, there’s the technical which I like to call the “real” and the kind we’ve been in for the last three years, which they don’t have a name for but I like to call the “fake”.

Being told that we’re in a recession every day has made us believe there is a real recession. We’ve stopped spending, and reduced our debt. That’s caused such a problem that we did have negative growth for the final quarter of 2011. If that’s repeated for the first quarter of 2012, our fake recession will have turned into a real one.

So here we are at the end of the first quarter and nobody is spending any money. It would look pretty bad for the government if we actually went into a real recession just because everyone believed we’d been in one all along. If only there was a way to get millions of people to spend a lot of money quickly, even make them get that credit card out again. It would be best if it was something that had a lot of tax and duty on it and got the news media excited and caused traffic jams.

So to stop the fake recession becoming a real one, they announce a fake fuel shortage. There’s been so much panic buying, we could end up with a real or technical shortage.

Do the news media, advertisers and politicians lie to us constantly to control our behavior so we do what THEY want us to do? Are we all just pawns in their game of three dimensional chess? Like I said at the start, perception is reality.

Craic on!

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