Mack’s Craic

Ten Grand Band

Ten Grand Band

I  was at a couple of big events this week. The first was the finalists evening for the Wiltshire Business of the Year Awards. I got to present the certificates to the finalists in the “Service to the Community” category. The first surprise was when I got there and one of the organizers said to me, “Have you got your speech ready?” Speech? No one told me about any speech! It turns out, that information was in the attachment I never opened on the email they sent me about the event. I’m still not exactly sure what I said when I got up to address Wiltshire’s business leaders but I think it was along the lines of it being great that so many of them give back to the communities they serve. Giving out the certificates turned out to be the most fun. When I announced the Wilts & Dorset Bus Company as one of the finalists, no one came up to collect their certificate for ages, then three people showed up all at once.

The other big event I was at was the latest gig for The Graham Mack Rock Band. We played at Purton Village Hall. It was a great night and I met some lovely people. Not only that but when we added the money raised on the night to our total, it turns out the band has now raised over £10,000 for local charities. Our goal was to raise ten grand in a year. The year isn’t up till June so we smashed that target with months to spare. The fund raising continues and we’ll have an even bigger target soon. Maybe I should put The Graham Mack Rock Band in for a “Service to the Community” Award. Given enough notice, I could even prepare a speech.

That’s your Craic’s Factor!

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