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Is this man a racist and a thief?

Let me get serious; “Everyone that comes from Liverpool is a racist and a thief”. That was the clear message I got from the Manchester United supporters I had the misfortune to come into contact with at Frankley Services on the M5 the other day. I went in to pay for my petrol while my wife Julie waited in the car. Their chants included “You’re just a town of racists” and “Who can rob your houses? A scouser can”. It soon became apparent that their chants were directed at a young lad at the counter who was wearing a Liverpool shirt. “Hey look, a scouser is paying for something!” one of them shouted. No one in the service station seemed that bothered and treated it all as good natured rivalry. I’d like to think that if the abusive chants were directed at a black person, the police would have been called. Racism is a prejudice against an ethnic group based purely on them belonging to that group, there is no difference here so why is it tolerated? Do a quick search of anti-scouse jokes on Google and you’ll find a lot of old racist jokes were the word “black” (or other offensive words for a black person) has been replaced with the word “scouser”. Does anyone really believe that now these jokes aren’t racist?

The truth is those Manchester United fans chanting about racism and thieving were being racist. And as for thieving; when I got back to the car, Julie said she watched through the window and saw three of these blokes fill their pockets with the contents of one of the shelves, then walk out without paying. Are all Manchester United fans racists and thieves? Of course not, that would be racist.

In hindsight, I now know I should have reported the shoplifting. Now they’ll just blame the scouser.

Craic again soon.

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