Mack’s Craic


No more confusion at Mannington

Sometimes I think my parents were ahead of their time. My mother was saying, “Just do it!”, a long time before Nike. The way they passed judgment on each singer as we watched “Top of The Pops” was the proto-type for The X-Factor and now my Dad’s catch phrase of “Turn that light out!” has been adopted by Councilor Peter Greenhalgh from Swindon Council. He’s turned out hundreds of street lights in Swindon and the traffic lights at Mannington roundabout. It’s all been done for the same reason my dad gave, to save money.

Had a road trip toBristolthe other day in one of the BBC cars. My producer Richard Crowley was driving. His phone rang so he handed it to Lee Stone who was in the passenger seat. Richard had a conversation with his wife through Lee. At one point something got lost in the simultaneous translation. Lee said, “You’ve got Jimmy Carr tickets”. Richard said, “Great!”. “No hang on a minute. Your car’s got a ticket”.

The government is talking about underwriting mortgages so more people can buy a house. Is that what we need right now? More people in debt?

What would make this Christmas your best ever? Christmas Wish is back on BBC Wiltshire. All you have to do is tell me what your Christmas Wish is. I’ll put it on the radio and if someone listening can help, your wish is granted. So tell me what your Christmas Wish is by sending me an email to .

Talking of the festive season, the Christmas illuminations came on in Swindon last week. They looked great too. Then Councilor Ebenezer Greenhaugh showed up and turned them all off again!  My dad would be so proud.

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