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Mack’s Craic


Sometimes I think my parents were ahead of their time. My mother was saying, “Just do it!”, a long time before Nike. The way they passed judgment on each singer as we watched “Top of The Pops” was the proto-type for The X-Factor and now my Dad’s catch phrase of “Turn that light out!” has […]

Mack’s Craic


There’s a badger at the BBC. I’ve seen him three times in the same week. The first morning I drove in, I cornered him in the car park. That didn’t stop him, he bit a hole in the wooden fence at the back, I heard it splintering, then squeezed out through the hole. Other mornings […]


The economy has become a handy catch-all excuse for when things go wrong. It’s got to the point now where EVERYTHING that goes wrong is because of the economy. Why can’t we accept that sometimes things just don’t work out? When the economy was good things went wrong, in fact the whole banking collapse that […]

Mack’s Craic


It’s great to be home. Last week I was in Dallas. I had a moving experience at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. At passport control, I heard cheering coming from the floor above, the arrivals hall. I thought it must be the Texas Rangers baseball team coming home from playing in the World Series in St […]