Mack’s Craic.


Frank's a lot!

Thank you for all of your nice emails and tweets about my latest award. I won Gold for “Best Programme Presenter” at the Frank Gillard Awards.

The award itself is a little gold bust of the BBC’s former Director of Radio, Frank Gillard. It’s a real honour to win it but I’m not sure if the award looks more like a novelty pencil sharpener, a money box or a chess piece from one of those collectors’ items you see advertised in magazines, maybe from the Franklin Mint’s “Legends of the BBC” chess set.

What a great night it was and not only did I beat Anne Diamond, who was one of the finalists, but I found out that Timmy Mallet was one of the judges. So if anyone asks what Anne Diamond, Timmy Mallet and Graham Mack have got in common, now you know.

I was feeling pretty good about myself when Julie and I visited my parents on Saturday. My mother knew I was up for the award and asked how I’d got on. As soon as I said I’d won Gold she said, “Do you put highlights in your hair Julie”? Then my dad showed me a photo-copied diagram of the prostate operation he’d had three weeks ago.  People often ask how sometimes on the radio, I manage to make random connections between unassociated topics. Looks like I inherited that skill.

I’ve made up my mind, the Gillard Award looks like a chess piece and Frank is the king!

Wit Craic away!

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