Mack’s Craic


Gold or Diamond's?

I’m chuffed this week because I’ve been nominated for another award. I’ve made it to the final three as “Best Programme Presenter” in the Gillard Radio Awards. Also nominated in my category is Anne Diamond. There must be a glitch in the matrix. I never thought I’d ever find myself in the same category as Anne Diamond. Roland Rat maybe, but not Anne! The ceremony is inSheffield on Thursday 20th October, wish me luck!

It’s been a year since “The Mack Pack”. That’s what I called the team I put together to fix up the vandalized kids skate park at Walcot. It was made up of MPs, councilors, policemen and local residents; we put on overalls and got stuck in. It’s about time we fixed up something else that needs doing. Let me know what’s broken inSwindon. How can we fix it?

If you live in North Wiltshire you’ll need a Freeview box to watch TV from now on. It’s all because of the digital switch-over. It’s funny; EVERYONE calls them Freeview boxes except the media who call them “set-top” boxes. I don’t know anyone who has the box on top of the set.

I’ve really been enjoying the Rugby World Cup. One of the games was played in Whangarei. That’s where I lived for seven years and where I met Julie. It was weird; I kept looking at the crowd thinking I’d see someone I know. The chances of that happening were pretty slim. Mind you, there is a good chance I know the streaker.

Thanks for all of your Mack’s Facts you’ve been calling into the radio show. Here’s my favorite ten from this week:

1.   Never take your hat off just before you have your picture taken.

2.   You can only teach if you’re willing to learn.

3.   Life is short, bend the rules.

4.   The world is a book, if you don’t travel, you only read one page.

5.   Forgive.

6.   Promises mean everything, when they’re broken, sorry means nothing.

7.   Obsessed is a word lazy people use to describe the dedicated.

8.   Always hope, never expect.

9.   Change your thoughts and you’ll change the world.

10. Mirrors and cameras have very different ideas about what you look like.

See my Craic again soon! 

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  1. 1 Paul Millington

    Keep on truckin’ Graham…regards Paul Millington

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