Mack’s Craic


Rocking at Peatmoor

The Graham Mack Rock Band played another great gig at the Woodlands Edge in Peatmoor this week. Thanks to the Hellcats for inviting us and to everyone who came along. We helped to raise around six hundred pounds on the night for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

What happened to summer? Is it just me or did we skip from spring straight to autumn?

There was an embarrassing moment in the BBC daily news meeting for me one morning this week. I have to admit I’d zoned out. One of the managers turned to me and said “And what would you like for breakfast?” I thought for a second and said, “toast”.  It turned out they were asking what news stories I’d like for my breakfast SHOW.

Thanks for all of your Mack’s Facts that you’ve been calling into the radio show. Here’s my favourite ten from this week:

  1. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  2. EVERYONE comes from a dysfunctional family.
  3. Do what you love, love what you do.
  4. There’s always a happy ending. If you’re not happy, you’re not at the end yet.
  5. For better or worse but not for granted.
  6. Closeness has nothing to do with distance.
  7. A life of “oh wells” is better than a life of “what ifs”.
  8. People will forget what you said, but not the way you made them feel.
  9. The easiest way to re-fold a road map, is in a ball.
  10. Never put your toothpaste and your hemorrhoid preparation in the same draw.

Another Craics shot soon!

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  1. 1 Paul Millington

    I like it…..regards

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