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Code War

The Mackmobile doesn’t have a radio right now. I had a flat battery on Monday morning (still don’t know why). The radio needs a security code to work again. Well I don’t have the code or the instructions any more. I took it to a car radio bloke and he can’t fix it. Now I have to buy a new radio. They call it a security code but security isn’t what it’s there for. It doesn’t do anything to stop your radio being stolen. Security codes on car radios do the same job as “use by” dates; they force you to buy a replacement for something that doesn’t need replacing.

Lee Mack has been very busy lately. I have been called Lee Mack’s more talented, better looking brother but never by Lee.

Imagine if life was a board game. What would be written on the inside of the box? The rules of the game and hints on how to play. You’ve played the game for a while now, what should be on there? I’m calling these “Mack’s Facts”. Thanks if you’re one of the people that have already called them in to the radio show.

Here’s my favorite ten this week:

  1. There is no cure for stupid.
  2. Never trust anyone that says, “trust me”.
  3. Hot air hand driers only warm your hands before you dry them on your trousers.
  4. If you don’t like change, you’re going to like being irrelevant a whole lot less.
  5. Never get a cat to mind your lunch.
  6. If you speed you’ll get to the congestion faster.
  7. There is no name for the back of your knees.
  8. You will never know the value of a moment until it’s a memory.
  9. If you actually had 5 portions of fruit and drank 8 glasses of water in a day like they say you should, you’d spend that day on the toilet.
  10. We never actually grow up, we just learn how to act in public.

 I’ll do my best to Craic the code of life again next week!

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