Live at Lydiard Park

I’ve had major computer problems this week. I couldn’t get audio off CD and into the computer. After uninstalling software, surfing the internet and trying to get onto help lines, I tried running a cleaning CD through it, bingo it worked! Now I can’t load the software back on that had nothing to do with the problem, it’s on CDs. So it looks like I’ll have to change the CD drive. I’ve never done that before, wish me luck.

I got a strange email from Gavin Jones the Chief Executive of Swindon Council. It said, “I found the audio interesting, not sure why you sent it to me.” It turns out I’d recorded some stuff at our School of The Week and emailed it to a BBC producer for it to be edited. The producer’s name is Mark Jones, he’s right next to Gavin Jones in my address book. Good job it wasn’t audio of someone criticizing the council!

As you know, Gavin is the lead guitar player in The Graham Mack Rock Band. Thanks for coming to see us at Lydiard Park on Saturday. We had a great time, hope we raised plenty of money. Your next chance to see us on the 11th August at the Victoria pub in Old Town.

That was my first gig on Saturday. Later that night, I hosted the charity concert at Christ Church in Old Town and even got to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone with the Kentwood Choir. We raised over £7000 on the night. I think they’re going to let me sing again at the Wyvern Theatre at Christmas.

Talk to you on the radio in the morning when I’ll run a cleaning CD through the computer of life!

Craic to life, Craic to reality!

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