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The Mackmobile is wired for sound! The new audio system I’ve had fitted is superb; it’s got everything, DAB, USB, Aux. I can even plug my phone into it and play podcasts through it. I’ve got all the songs I’m learning for The Graham Mack Rock Band playing off a memory stick and haven’t even […]

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Rupert Murdoch has left the country on his private jet. A sexy blonde pilot in a low cut uniform flew him all the way to his private airport on a tropical island. A Chinese chauffeur in a black suit and bowler hat, met them and loaded his luggage into the boot of a large convertible. […]

Mack’s Craic


The Mackmobile doesn’t have a radio right now. I had a flat battery on Monday morning (still don’t know why). The radio needs a security code to work again. Well I don’t have the code or the instructions any more. I took it to a car radio bloke and he can’t fix it. Now I […]


I’ve had major computer problems this week. I couldn’t get audio off CD and into the computer. After uninstalling software, surfing the internet and trying to get onto help lines, I tried running a cleaning CD through it, bingo it worked! Now I can’t load the software back on that had nothing to do with […]

Mack’s Craic


Why do bedrooms have windows? Without them, in the winter the room would be better insulated and cheaper to heat. In the summer it wouldn’t get as hot in there and the light wouldn’t come in and wake you up at the weekends and you’d never get caught out by the window cleaner. As soon […]