Mack’s Craic


Rock 'n' Roll at the Old Town Bowl

I had a great gig with The Graham Mack Rock Band on Saturday. We were the opening act of the Old Town Festival. We only play charity gigs and our target is to raise ten thousand pounds in a year. Next gig is in Swindon’s Lydiard Park on Saturday July 9th, see you there.

I’m learning a lot at school. Every week I go out to a different school and record stuff with the kids to play on the radio. So far I’ve learned that a “super-injunction” is a five way roundabout, a “hen night” is a chicken in a suit of armor and Father’s Day is the same as Mother’s Day, only cheaper.

I’m not happy with Twitter. The list called “Similar to you” says I’m “similar” to Swindon Library! Hey, it’s a fine library but I was hoping to be “similar” to someone cool.

I’m writing this latest Craic on my new iPad. I’ve been looking for cases and covers for it. There’s one you can get that’s made of wood. They missed a trick there; they should have called it the “Apple Tree”! They could make one for Sony called the “PlayStation Tree” or a case for your mobile phone called the “Tree G”!

Have you seen the picture Al-Qaeda have released of their new supreme leader? He doesn’t look a bit like Diana Ross!

Oh brilliant, now Twitter says I’m “Similar” to Vanessa Feltz!

Craic on!

Check out the Mack Nuggets at


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