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Mack’s Craic


My producer Richard Crowley is having a mid-life crisis. He’s bought a red sports car. Men get a way better deal than women at this time in their life. We get a hot car, they get hot flushes! Richard’s new car is a roadster. In case you don’t know the difference between a roadster and […]

Mack’s Craic


I had a great gig with The Graham Mack Rock Band on Saturday. We were the opening act of the Old Town Festival. We only play charity gigs and our target is to raise ten thousand pounds in a year. Next gig is in Swindon’s Lydiard Park on Saturday July 9th, see you there. I’m […]

Mack’s Craic


Thanks to everyone that sent me nice messages on my birthday. The day started out great, my producer Richard Crowley brought in a box of Celebrations then Julie brought in three boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. Before ten o’clock, I’d eaten all of the chocolates and four of the donuts. Well you know what they […]


I was one of those lucky enough to see Jerry Seinfeld at the O2 in London. He was quite simply superb. Ok, I’m a massive fan of the sitcom but that could have been a problem. Sometimes when you see someone live who you love from TV, they just can’t match up to your expectations. […]