Mack’s Craic


Your starter for ten.

Hey, bloke who served me in the sandwich shop; I don’t want sauce, salad, extra cheese for 20p, crisps, a drink, to decide which bread, a cookie, a muffin or a cup cake. I haven’t got a loyalty card and don’t want one. What I DO want is to be able to buy a sandwich and not feel like I’m being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman!

Praise for failure is a dangerous thing.Britain’s Got Talent is not the same without Simon Cowell. The more people said he was cruel, the more I found myself agreeing with him when he said it’s the friends and family who are cruel by encouraging people who have no detectable talent. I understand that families do it because of love; in fact the definition of family could be “A group of people who support each other for no rational reason”. Encouragement helps people feel loved but giving an award for failure in the real world serves no useful purpose.

Everyone who lives inSwindonis supposed to have free wifi by now because of an ambitious council scheme. Unfortunately only one out of the twenty-one council wards has the system working. The council has loaned £400,000 pounds to DigitalCity, the company that’s supposed to be doing the work. They haven’t hit a single target and the interest on the loan hasn’t been paid for five months. Now the Local Government Chronicle has named Swindon Council as “most innovative” in the country for the wifi scheme.

An award for failure is a victory of ‘spin’ over truth. It undermines the efforts of the people who really make a difference and are achieving things, and that’s cruel.

Got to get Craicing!

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