Mack’s Craic


The Sony Award Nominated Graham Mack

Big news! I’ve been nominated for Best Breakfast Show at the Sony Radio Awards! The big night is 9th May at the Grosvenor on Park Lane, wish me luck.

How’s this latest set of protests in London? I heard that the bloke wearing a “Say no to Capitalism” T-shirt was doing a roaring trade selling whistles at a pound a go! That reminds me, Why did the socialist occupy Fortnum and Mason? The answer coming up later in the Craic. Is it true that in a revenge attack, some tweed clad old Etonians vandalized a Lidl in Slough?

It’s British Summer Time, I hope you’re coping with being in a different time zone. I was amazed when I noticed my mobile phone changed the time itself. So far my phone is dealing with the time-change better than I am.

I was surprised how easy the Census was to fill out. That’s until I got to the bit that asks about your passport. I’m lucky enough to hold three. I did the online version, and after I’d filled in “British” it said “other”. There wasn’t enough room to put “Australia” and “New Zealand” so I just put “NZOz”. I hope they know what I mean and don’t think I’m from some weird planet. I probably confused them enough when I put my religion down as “LFC”. I stand by that one, Liverpool Football Club IS my religion. I go to Anfield to worship, sing a hymn called “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and what I do during the game is a version of “praying”.

NATO are now running things in Libya. They say operations there have a definite end date. I don’t believe that, we’ve still got troops in Germany!

I had a good time at the running of the annual “Mad March Hare” 10K fun run. I didn’t run of course, it breaks my golden rule of no pain, no pain!

Sad news; the inventor of super glue has died aged 94. He’s been buried in the top draw with the scissors, a biro and seventeen elastic bands.

Only one more band practice till our first gig. If you’re in Swindon on Friday  8th April, I hope you can check us out at the Victoria pub in Old Town. We’re on first so get there early. I got home from band practice the other night and went to make myself a tuna sandwich. Julie said, “Oh no you don’t! There’s only one tin left and that’s for the cats!”

…And the answer to why the socialist occupied Fortnum and Mason. “Because proper tea, is theft!”

Craic to the future!

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