Mack’s Craic.


"Can you hear me now?"

I’m not happy because the phone at home isn’t working again; it’s been off for a week. I keep calling the fault line on my mobile and it’s as if they don’t believe me. They keep asking me to disconnect it and plug it into different places in the house. At one stage they made me unplug everything for six hours so they could test the line. Then they called on the mobile and told me there wasn’t a fault. I said. “Ok, if there isn’t a fault, how come you’ve had to call me on the mobile?” I’m starting to think I’m on Candid Camera. Sometimes I end up talking to a bloke that doesn’t even sound Indian!

Thank you for supporting me for Comic Relief. Your money will make a big difference to a lot of people.

I’ve just heard something being put through our letterbox. The postman’s already been so it’s probably just another pizza menu. How do they know Julie can’t cook?

If you’re a bloke that thinks going clothes shopping with your wife is a nightmare, you should try going shopping for a pair of glasses. Julie even said, “Does my face look fat in these?”.

I found out what came through the letterbox. It was a card from the telephone engineer. It said that he’d called and we weren’t in. I ran out into the street, found his van, waved the card at him and said, “Hey, we’re in, why didn’t you knock on the door?” He said, “I tried to call you and there was no answer so I thought you must be out”. I said, “Hey, if the phone worked, why would you be here to fix it?” Alright, where’s the hidden camera?

Another Craic shot soon!

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