Mack’s Craic.


"Tha reen n' Speen fals meenly an tha pleen..."

Cheryl Cole is in America and she’s having elocution lessons. Her Geordie accent is a problem. What exactly has Cheryl Cole got to say that’s so important we want people to understand her?

Talking of music, McFly seem to be doing alright considering they’re named after what must be the least popular item on McDonald’s menu.

Which reminds me; you can’t sell Cornish pasties unless they come from Cornwall from now on. That’s because of a ruling by the E.U.. Where does all this leave the makers of Mars Bars? It could mean big changes when you order a pizza with an “Italian” base. If they have to go and get it from Italy every time, they’re not going to be able to deliver it in less than twenty minutes. I ordered a pizza this week. The bloke on the other end said, “How can I help you?” – Take a wild guess Pizza Boy!

Here’s a tip, don’t let a loud fart go when you’re sat next to your wife on the couch and she’s just called her parents on speaker phone.

Friday I’m off to London for the stand-up comedy Boot Camp. It’s all happening at Broadcasting House, wish me luck! My comedy set for Comic Relief is on Monday 7th March at the Victoria pub.

My new band has our first gig. You’ll be able to see The Graham Mack Rock Band on St Georges Day 23rd April outside, next to the BBC big screen a Wharf Green in Swindon.

I’ve just heard that Cheryl Cole’s given up her American elocution lessons and instead she is just going to mime to a posher backing tape.

I’ll fill another Craic soon!

Check out the Mack Nuggets at .


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