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Chat Attack

Thank you for listening to my radio show. The ratings have gone up again; it’s nice to know you like what I’m doing in the morning.

I’ve been getting some strange emails lately. I just opened one that said, “If you’d like to run the bath…”

Actually I’ve been getting some weird messages from my computer. It’s just flashed up that its anti-virus software is about to retire. What am I supposed to do? Buy it a gold watch? Retirement? How long has it been working for me? How do I know it’s even been working? This is the first time it’s had anything to do with me. For all I know it’s been skiving off playing solitaire on my computer or creating the illusion of busy while it’s secretly been checking it’s Facebook all day. What does a computer program do when it retires anyway, play computer bowls? Maybe it just sits around grumbling about how laptops today don’t know they’re born and what this country needs is a bloody good war game.

If cats have a nationality, they’d have to be French. The French word for cat is “chat” (pronounced “shat”). We’ve got two and I agree, they’re a couple of little chats!

I’ve just had another look at that email, I should have read on. It says …Half Marathon, apply now”.

Craic on!

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