Mack’s Craic



Whenever we’re in the car together, Julie and I adopt different roles. I drive and she sits in the passenger seat and nags me about my driving.

We drove up north the other day. On our way through the Midlands we passed the services at Frankley. I was going to stop but pushed on to the next one and Frankley, I don’t give a damn. We ended up stopping at a place that had one of those well known coffee shops in it. You know the kind of place where you get served by people who look down their nose at you if you don’t know how to say “normal cup of coffee in a normal size cup” in pigeon-Italian. Why is it that after you’ve paid at the first counter and waited at the second counter, you have to wait again because you can’t get to the little stand that has the milk and sugar because it’s only three feet wide and surrounded by twelve people who are taking longer to put milk and sugar into their cup than it took to make the drink in the first place?

It was driving of a different kind I ended up giving up on. For my producer Richard Crowley’s birthday we went karting. I had a rotten cold and about half way through the thirty lap race I had to retire. I wasn’t so much a Michael Schumaker, more of a Graham snot-maker.

No more karting for me then. To be honest I prefer driving my own car even if Julie is nagging in the passenger seat. I’m the captain, she’s the nagivator.

Craics you later!

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