Mack’s Craic.


Cracker Hat

Thank you for looking at my Craic in 2010; I hope you like what you see in 2011. I know this is a difficult time of year; in fact the suicide rate goes up. That’s why when Julie tried to buy two packets of aspirin at Boots, they’d only sell her one. She must have looked stressed.

I woke up at midnight on Friday to the sound of explosions. Then I realized what night it was. When did setting off fireworks in your neighborhood become part of the New Year’s Eve Celebrations? Let’s think, how can we make Bonfire night even more dangerous? I know, lets make it really hard to buy fireworks after 5th November, forcing people to stock pile explosives for two months in their own homes and if they don’t accidentally blow themselves up in that time, let’s make sure they’re really drunk before they try to set them off!

By the way, did you have a good New Year’s heave? It’s the only night of the year we get to call drunks “revellers”. What exactly is being celebrated? It’s not like we’re the first place in the world that changes the date at midnight. It was 2011 on half the planet before it was our turn.

I used to really like New Years Eve but that was when I lived in Australia and New Zealand. Not only did we get to celebrate the New Year before most other time zones, it’s also the summer. Being outside watching fireworks at midnight on a warm night is quite nice. Britain should move New Years Eve to 30th June. We’d be celebrating the fact that we’re half a year ahead of the rest of the world AND that we’d managed to survive seven months without the previous November’s fireworks going off all at once in the kitchen cupboard.

I do have a New Years Honour and that goes to the bloke I saw on the Kop at Anfield wearing a hat that had come out of a Christmas cracker. Hey, it was red!

Surely the people in Boots noticed Julie was using her reward card. If she was going to kill herself, how did they think she was going to claim the points?

Hope you’re having a Craicing 2011!

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