Macks Craic.


A message from Kenny.

Christmas is a good time to let people know how much you love them. It’s also a time when we all eat too much. People seem surprised that Britain has an obesity problem. Surprised? We’re OBSESSED with food even when it’s not Christmas. Everywhere you look, you see food or adverts for food. It’s on billboards, in magazines, and on TV. Every time I turn on the telly, someone is cooking or eating. Celebrities are selling food from chocolate oranges, to crisps or entire supermarket food departments. Our biggest celebrities are chefs!

Not only did I go out for the BBC’s Christmas meal, the team that works on the Graham Mack Breakfast Show went out for pizza. We all worked out what we wanted and then someone decided we should order starters. I don’t get that; no one orders a starter at home. The concept of a starter makes no sense to me. So you want pizza but you don’t want it as soon as it’s ready, you want to wait. But you’re hungry, so you order some food to have while you’re waiting. Calling it a “starter” implies you’ve never eaten before. You want to start with something basic and when you get the hang of that, you’ll move on to some more advanced flavors. Does that make desert a form of eating that should only be attempted by experts?

For Julie and I Christmas Eve means watching the 1946 Jimmy Stewart film “It’s a Wonderful life”. This year it was the new fully restored version on Blu-ray. I’m sure it gets better every time we watch it.

Christmas Day isn’t just about food. It’s about getting cool stuff too. Julie really liked the phone I got her and some CDs by The Black Keys. She bought me a new laptop and a surprise gift; a Liverpool shirt signed “To Graham, best wishes, Kenny Dalglish”. When I opened it, I burst into tears, she must really love me.

Hope you have a Craicing 2011!

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