Macks Craic


Before it was defaced.

The zebra crossing at Abbey Road has been given Grade II listed status, as a nationally important monument. I heard on the radio the other day that the crossing has been moved and that the one there now is a few feet away from the one the Beatles walked across on the album cover. I checked and it hasn’t, it’s in exactly the same place as in the famous photo. It just goes to show, you can’t believe anything you hear on the radio.

Happy birthday to the Chinese President Hu Jintao. If you haven’t got him a present yet, get him something from the pound shop. Ok so your gift will be cheap and crappy but it’s a safe bet it will have come from his country.

Thanks to Vince, we’ve got a leaked cable that had nothing to do with Wikileaks. When he was talking to the undercover reporters, he said he wasn’t afraid to use the “nuclear option”, then Nick Clegg disarmed him. He’s lost a lot of his responsibilities. Luckily he’s kept the one about appearing on Strictly Come Dancing. They should have a show that only features politicians. They could call it “Strictly Come Dancing around the Questions”.

Kids in bobble hats look funny in this weather. The proportions are all wrong; the bobble is almost as big as their head. Kids often have a problem with proportion. It always makes me laugh when I see short fat kids wearing replica football kits. I hope they don’t wear them when they’re on holiday. People in other countries might think Swindon Town is an ice hockey team.

I’ve found a great place to park in a busy car park. I park in the “parent and child” space. It’s great because you don’t need a disabled sticker; you just have to look really down trodden. A bloke shouted at me the other day when he saw me getting in the car without a child. I stopped, looked around and shouted, “Oh my God, I’ve left the baby in Mothercare!” and drove off.

I just wish the Abbey Road crossing had been listed when the album came out in 1969, then they wouldn’t have been allowed to put the zigzags on it. Those zigzags ruin everyone’s pictures and if you own a white VW, you can’t legally park in exactly the right spot to make your picture totally accurate

Hope you’re having a Craicing Christmas!

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