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I'm In-Spired

I almost messed up the Carol Service at Salisbury Cathedral, more on that later. What a place it is though. As I sat there looking at the eight hundred year old architecture and marveling at the sheer majesty of the place, I couldn’t help but wonder how “I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside” would sound on the organ.

You’ll be glad to know that although my radio show is educational, there will be no increase in tuition fees. I want to make that clear so there’ll be no protests like the ones we’ve had in London. I interviewed Richard Dean on the show. He’s a student who’s organized protests against fees. I asked him if he was at the recent protests in London. He made my day when he said, “No, I promised my Mum I wouldn’t go”. If only there were more mums like Richard’s the world would be a less violent place. The Metropolitan police are reviewing the way they deal with large demonstrations, there’s even talk of water cannon. They’re wasting their time, all they need to do is invite all of the mums in and get them to ask their sons and daughters to promise not to go. It would be easy to convince the mums too, just invite them to Scotland Yard for a chat and a cup of tea. Now that would be effective kettling!

I’m not sure why having a live episode of Coronation Street was such a big deal. My show is live every morning. The acting’s better too, especially when I act as if I can’t hear my producer in my ear telling me to move on when I really start to get interested in what a guest is saying.

Supporters of Wikileaks want to hack into because Amazon has said they won’t have anything to do with Wikileaks. I agree with Jimmy Fallon, if they do hack in, I bet Amazon will suggest similar sites that they might also like to hack.

Meanwhile back at Salisbury Cathedral; it came to my bit. I stood at the lectern in front of a thousand people and in the presence of invited dignitaries, the head of BBC news and one of only four remaining copies of the Magna Carta, I read my bit from the Nativity. I started well, then got too comfortable, rushed the end and tripped up over a thou or a thee. Not to worry I thought, I’ll get it right next year. At the end of the service, the BBC producer who was supervising the recording of it we were making for broadcast came up to me and said, “You’d better go and do your bit again”. How embarrassing.

I’ll get Craicing again soon..

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