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The Gig

I’ve got to admit to being a bit nervous. I’ve been asked to give one of the readings at the Christmas Carol Concert at Salisbury Cathedral. I’m not very religious so to prepare I’ve been reading up a bit. We’ll be concentrating on the beginning of the story. I’ve read ahead though and it turns out he dies near the end but then there’s a hell of a twist. I don’t want to give too much away, just think “Bobby Ewing”.

Everything these days is about spin. I drove past a van and on the back I noticed the word, “Sport”. Is there really a sport that requires you to drive a van? You can have a sports CAR, a sports HALL, even a sports BRA but there’s no such thing as a sports VAN. It’s all just spin, spin, spin. Have you seen those buses that say “Executive Travel”? How many executives give up their jets to ride the bus? You’ve got to be impressed with how things are spun though. I love it when they describe a new thing as having a “soft launch”. “Soft” sounds so much better than half-arsed.

According to the latest from Wikileaks even David Cameron can’t believe Liz has gone from The Apprentice. Meanwhile the founder of Wikileaks has been arrested. So the world’s secrets are now safe, unless someone figures out how to use the internet.

Are you prepared for more bad weather? If you’re traveling, the government advice is to make sure you’ve got a shovel, blanket and a hot flask. That may be a good idea but I got some funny looks from the bloke who sat opposite me on the train.

It’s been non-stop lately. I get so many emails at work, it takes ages for me to go through and delete them all. I’d hate to think how much time I’d be wasting if I actually read them!

Good looking people are more likely to have girls according to a new survey. According to Jimmy Fallon, ugly people are more likely to have cats.

I’ve had a look at what I’m supposed to read out at Salisbury Cathedral. Do you think they’d mind if I re-wrote it? I mean it’s a good story about a carpenter and his pregnant girlfriend, but you won’t believe how they’ve spun it!

Back soon with another Craic’s Factor.

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