Mack’s Craic


No business like snow business!

Here we go with another Mack’s Craic, the antifreeze in your engine of life.

This morning it was colder than the looks David Cameron was giving Sepp Blatter in Zurich.

My favorite news story from the cold snap is from Salisbury. Their Gala at the Western Skating Rink was cancelled due to “Adverse Weather”. – That’s right, it was too cold for ICE SKATING!

The UK radio industry has an awards ceremony every year called the Sony Awards. I went to an event in London last week called “How to win a Sony”. The first thing they did was hand out free beer, is that a clue? The next thing they did was remind you that you can volunteer to be a judge, interesting. The tip I found most disturbing though was when they said you have to “seduce the judges”.

My weight has been going up and down lately. The first thing I do every morning is weigh myself, and then I post my weight on Twitter. I got a tweet the other day accusing me of being a yo-yo dieter. That’s not true. Sadly the Yo-yo was discontinued by United Biscuits in 2003, I haven’t eaten one since.

Wikileaks has been in the news again. They keep talking about “leaked cables”, CABLES? Shouldn’t that be email? Who sends cables any more? I sat in front of the TV wondering, is this the news or a Marx Brothers movie?

Starbucks are going to start selling beer and wine soon. I agree with Conan O’Brien on this one, they must be having trouble finding sober people who’ll pay a fiver for a cup of coffee!

By the time I write the next Craic I could be “The award winning Graham Mack”. All I’ve got to do is volunteer to be a Sony judge, vote for myself, get one of the other judges really drunk and… No, I don’t want to win a Sony.

Another Craic up soon.

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