Macks Craic.


British Baby Corporation

I am a fertility god! Since I started at the BBC, three of the women that work on the show are pregnant! I have this effect on women. When they work with me, they become super-fertile. The only two left now are Kate Mundy the producer and Bimel the cleaner. It’s only a matter time, The Graham Mack Breakfast Show, the Conception Connection on your Ovulation Station.    

Sad news about the death of Bernard Matthews. As a tribute to his life long work, he should be stuffed.

The Royal wedding is going to be shown in 3D. I’m not looking forward to seeing Prince Charles’ ears.

North and South Korea are shooting at each other. If they start to focus on war instead of manufacturing, what are they going to sell at Poundland?

Maybe Bernard Matthews body will be frozen. And defrosted in time for Christmas.

The Ashes cricket continues, so I spoke to my old boss Dwayne Jefferies in Australia, on the show. A couple of days before, I sent him a text message which read, “I’d like you to give me the view from down under”. I’m glad he knew what I meant because he could have taken that text to mean something completely different! 

I found myself watching “How to Look Good Naked” the other day. I thought to myself, this is no good, not that many people see me naked. A more useful show would be, “How to Look Good Knackered”!

Bernard Matthews’ funeral will be very moving. His body will be wrapped in tin foil, then he’ll be cremated on gas mark 6 for three hours.

Back with another Craic in the Ice soon.

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