Blessed are the geeks

Let me give you the red pill that will bring you the truth and break you out of the matrix of life. Let’s talk about happiness, I’ve worked out the secret, it’s being grateful. Think about it, can you really be happy if you’re not grateful?

Hi if you’re one of the people I met at the “Tweetup” in Swindon. It was for people who are on Twitter to meet up for the first time in a hotel bar. Talk about uncomfortable; it was like a blind date with geeks! I’m not joking; no one brought a friend or a partner with them and there was only one girl.

The kitchen has been very cruel to Julie and me lately. Julie has started work in a café. She’s not exactly at home in that environment. We’ve been married for twenty-three years and she hasn’t really advanced beyond re-heating. Maybe it was her lack of culinary experience that led to an embarrassing incident in her new job when she tried to toast one of the plastic display bagels.

Meanwhile, because she’s at work when I get home I have to fend for myself. I got in the other day and tried to open a tin of tuna. We’ve got this fancy can opener called a “MagiCan”. It must have been invented by Doctor Rubik because I couldn’t work it out. I even searched for it on Youtube but the videos I watched of it effortlessly decapitating soup cans didn’t reveal the secret. I ended up making a cheese sandwich. Between the two of us, it’s a wonder we don’t starve.

I feel sorry for people who feel entitled. If you feel entitled to something and don’t get it you’re not happy. If you get it but think you were entitled to it, you won’t be grateful. Like I said at the beginning you can’t be happy unless you’re grateful. Feeling entitled means you’re hard wired for unhappiness. Take a minute, think about all of the things you’re grateful for, see how happy that makes you?

Another fire-craic-er next week!

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